InquiryPublic Inquiry advice, planning, assistance and representation

Have you or your business received a summons and to attend a Public Inquiry (PI)?

Public Inquiries can be a stressful and expensive time for both businesses and individuals who are party to the hearing i.e. Company Directors, Transport Managers and Drivers.

The worst possible outcome following a PI could mean that your Business can no longer hold an Operator’s Licence, meaning you can no longer run your business.

Transport Manager Help can provide expert advice, to address the issues you face, from planning, assistance through to representation.  Furthermore, we can provide a range of post-support services to ensure ongoing compliance.

We have first hand experience of being involved in PI’s and can demonstrate where we have reached a positive outcome dependent on the nature of the Inquiry.

Audit and advice services give operators access to specialist audits which are based on the DVSA’s audits, they are undertaken by a professional consultant with the knowledge and experience to advice on the corrective action required.  All our audits are independent and free from pressure or internal agendas.  We can design a programme to suit your company needs whether you have one site or have multiple sites across the country.
We carry out in depth audits to determine your compliance status with the “Operators” Licence and tachograph regulations.We explain the regulations and what DVSA expect during the audit and ensure that all staff involved with the transport operation are aware of their responsibilities and the standards which need to be met.

We save you time, we audit, explain regulations and DVSA requirements and the corrective action required in one easy to read report giving you the chance to put things right.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you with an imminent or ongoing Public Inquiry please contact us here or call  07950 357089.