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Do I need an O Licence?

You need a goods vehicle operator’s licence if your business operates vehicles above a certain weight.

You need an operators licence to carry goods in a lorry, van or other vehicle with either:

  • A gross plated weight (the maximum weight that the vehicle can have at any one time) of over 3,500 tonnes
  • An unladen weight of more than 1525 kg (where there is no plated weight)

Some goods vehicles do not require an operator’s licence – please refer to https://www.gov.uk/being-a-goods-vehicle-operator/overview for more information.

We have included further details below, which can help you understand the types of operator’s licences and requirements associated with this.

What Type of licence do I need?

A restricted Operators Licence

This enables you to operate vehicles within the EU on the understanding that you are only carrying your own goods. The advantage of a restricted operators licence, means that there is no requirement for the business to employ a Transport Manager with a CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence).  However, the same legal requirements still apply and must be maintained therefore it is advisable to seek advice from expert, professional advice in road transport legislation.

Transport Manager Help can supply this service.

Standard National Licence

A standard national licence allows you to carry your own goods on your own account, or other people’s goods for hire or reward, in Great Britain and to carry your own goods on your own account abroad. This will allow you to haul loaded trailers to or from ports within Great Britain as long as your vehicle does not actually leave Great Britain.

To get a standard international licence, you and your transport manager must each satisfy the requirement of good repute and professional competence.

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Standard international licence
Allows you to carry your own goods, and goods for other people for hire or reward, both in Great Britain and on international journeys. Operators who are issued with standard international licences will also receive Community licences. These are required for all hire or reward operations in, or through EU countries and are documents required to be carried on the vehicle at such times.

To get a standard international licence, you and your transport manager must each satisfy the requirement of good repute and professional competence .

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Application Requirements

The following provides a general guidance outlining what is required in order for an O licence Application to be considered.

  • Valid CPC holder (not required for a restricted licence)
  • Operating Centre  Permission to park required if  centre not owned or leased)
  • A Statutory Notice advertisement about the operating centre must advertised in a free circulating newspaper in the area of the operating centre
  • Maintenance  – Specific details of in house maintenance or a signed agreement and inspection record/sheet to maintain the vehicles
  • Finances – 28 days of original bank statements must be provided and able to demonstrate that there are sufficient funds to maintain the fleet, which falls under the O licence. 

How Our Team Can Help

Transport Manager Help are able to provide you with a comprehensive support service which will save you time, ensure you are legally compliant whilst taking the hassle out of the application process by completing the

Operators licence application on your behalf.

This includes crucial and important factors such as;

  • Gathering the required information for your initial application
  • Completing and checking the application
  • Dealing with any queries from the traffic commissioner
  • Statutory Declaration of the application through media (i.e. newspaper advertisement)
  • Progress chasing and advice on disputes

Furthermore, we are also able to assist with the process of surrendering Operators licences on your behalf.

For more information on how our team can provide expert, friendly impartial advice and help you manage the application process contact us here or call  07950 357089. .